Friday, October 17, 2008


From Daily Candy:
"Greening your life is one thing (hello, Lexus hybrid), but your sweets?

"Step away from the spelt cookie and indulge in a treat from Eatpastry. The ecoconscious company does for treats what Loudermilk did for fashion, creating scrumptious, organic, fair trade truffles, candies, and cookies.

"Made with French and raw cooking techniques, the dairy-free confections satisfy the sweetest teeth without the sugar rush (and subsequent crash) using healthy fats, nuts and seeds, and other wholesome ingredients."

Thursday, October 2, 2008


From Amazon:
In The Green Collar Economy, acclaimed activist and political advisor Van Jones delivers a real solution that both rescues our economy and saves the environment. The economy is built on and powered almost exclusively by oil, natural gas, and coal—all fast-diminishing nonrenewable resources. As supplies disappear, the price of energy climbs and nearly everything becomes more expensive. With costs and unemployment soaring, the economy stalls. Not only that, when we burn these fuels, the greenhouse gases they create overheat the atmosphere. As the headlines make clear, total climate chaos looms over us. The bottom line: we cannot continue with business as usual. We cannot drill and burn our way out of these dual dilemmas.

Instead, Van Jones illustrates how we can invent and invest our way out of the pollution-based grey economy and into the healthy new green economy. Built by a broad coalition deeply rooted in the lives and struggles of ordinary people, this path has the practical benefit of both cutting energy prices and generating enough work to pull the U.S. economy out of its present death spiral.

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